5.1 Millions of inhabitants


Annual average of 20° C


+ More than 35.000 job vacancies

Where everything happens

Melbourne, located in the state of Victoria, Australia, is a vibrant, multicultural city known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and cultural diversity. Renowned for its arts scene, eclectic cafes and stunning architecture, Melbourne offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Colorful alleys and urban graffiti in areas like Hosier Lane highlight the city's artistic expression, while lush parks like the Royal Botanic Gardens provide relaxing green spaces.

Additionally, Melbourne is famous for hosting world-renowned sporting events, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground, and for being home to sophisticated cuisine that reflects the richness of its multicultural population.



5.3 Million inhabitants


Annual average of 24° C


+ More than 30.000 job vacancies

Home of the Opera House

Sydney, Australia's largest city, is a dynamic and iconic metropolis that stands out for its stunning urban and maritime landscape. Dominated by the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the city's skyline is internationally renowned.

World-famous beaches such as Bondi and Manly offer a relaxed and sporty lifestyle, while extensive botanical gardens provide green spaces for relaxation. With an effervescent cultural scene, Sydney is home to a variety of events, festivals and museums, such as the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

In addition, its diverse neighborhoods, such as Paddington and Newtown, contribute to a rich cultural and gastronomic tapestry that reflects the plurality of Sydney's population.

Gold Coast


650,000 inhabitants


Annual average of 25° C


+ More than 4.500 job vacancies

The surf capital

The Gold Coast, located in south-east Queensland, Australia, is a coastal city known for its stunning beaches, exciting theme parks and laid-back lifestyle.

Bathed by the Pacific Ocean, the city has long stretches of golden sand, such as the famous Surfers Paradise, which attracts surfers and water sports enthusiasts from all over the world.

In addition to its beaches, the Gold Coast is famous for its theme parks, such as Dreamworld and Warner Bros. Movie World, offering exciting entertainment for visitors of all ages. With a tropical atmosphere, a vibrant food scene and a modern cityscape, the Gold Coast is a popular tourist destination that combines adventure, relaxation and seaside fun.



2.2 Million inhabitants


Annual average of 22° C


+ More than 20.000 job vacancies

The heartwarming city

Brisbane, the sunny capital of Queensland, Australia, stands out for its fusion of urban life and stunning nature. On the banks of the Brisbane River, the city boasts modern architecture and urban parks, such as the South Bank Parklands, providing a relaxing riverside atmosphere.

With a thriving cultural scene, Brisbane is home to art galleries, theaters and museums, such as the Queensland Art Gallery. It also serves as a starting point for exploring Queensland's natural wonders, such as the Great Barrier Reef. Its subtropical climate offers hot summers and mild winters, promoting an outdoor lifestyle.

With local markets and a diverse community, Brisbane captivates residents and visitors with its unique combination of urban sophistication and natural beauty.



1.3 Million inhabitants


Annual average of 20° C


+ More than 8.000 job vacancies

Welcome to the south

Adelaide, the capital of the state of South Australia, is a city known for its elegance and charm. Situated between hills and beaches, the city offers a tranquil and culturally rich atmosphere. Its large parks, such as the Adelaide Botanic Garden, provide a green haven in the heart of the metropolis.

With a vibrant arts scene and a variety of festivals throughout the year, Adelaide attracts cultural enthusiasts. In addition, the surrounding wine region, such as the famous Barossa Valley, contributes to the city's reputation as a gastronomic paradise.

Adelaide's Mediterranean climate guarantees hot, dry summers contrasted with mild winters, creating a pleasant environment for exploring the city's attractions.



2 Million Inhabitants


Annual average of 23° C


+ More than 18.000 job vacancies

The growth city

Perth, the vibrant capital of Western Australia, stands out for its unique blend of modernity and nature. Located on the banks of the Swan River, the city offers a contemporary urban landscape with stunning skyscrapers and large green areas.

Pristine beaches such as Cottesloe and Scarborough are icons of the city, providing a spectacular backdrop for outdoor activities. Perth is known for its sunny climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters.

The city's cultural scene flourishes in venues such as the Perth Cultural Centre, while neighborhoods such as Fremantle offer historic charm and a rich artistic life. With a diverse population and a cuisine influenced by many cultures, Perth captivates residents and visitors alike with its laid-back atmosphere and outdoor lifestyle.

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